Chocolate: The Movie is a project on the Chocolate: NR905 Wiki, it is an action film starring NR905, -GammaRay-, Psychic8 and Chocccery. They all perform spells to stop Chocolate city from being destroyed by the "Lollipops." An evil mastermind group with a huge HQ stood up by; a pole.

All Characters Edit

These are the characters in Chocolate: The Movie.

NR905 Edit

NR905 is the first one to ever notice about the invasion of lollipops. He lived in Biscuit Hotel due to not being able to afford a house for an odd reason, the odd reason was in fact the lollipops.

-GammaRay- Edit

-GammaRay- likes to watch documentaries about evil and attacks, little did he know that the lollipops would invade his city. He also stays in Biscuit Hotel. He lives a happy but cramped life.

Psychic8 Edit

Psychic8 is the one that likes to confuse people. He likes to confuse the lollipops to sneak out of their reach.

Lollipops Edit

The evil lollipop gang, they tried to invade Chocolate city.

Chocccery Edit

Chocccery is very great friends with -GammaRay- who he met online, they found out that he lives in Chocolate city too! So, they decided to meet up and Chocccery became part of the team.