How to make chocolate bars.Edit


Chocolate bars. What is it?

How to make it.Edit

Well when you make chocolate: form it into a ball, put it in direct sunlight to melt. Then when it melts, try to form it into a rectangle shape. Freeze it in a freezer, leave it for about at least 3 hours. And that is just how to make chocolate bars. I have another way you can make it. Find any chocolate. Look for how big you want it to be. Melt it by putting it in direct sunlight. Then try your best to make it in a rectangler shape. Put it in freezer and you're done.

Why chocolate bars exist.Edit

Of course people like "may" like chocolate alot. But it is made so people can have more, so packaging can be made better, etc.

Famous chocolate bar makersEdit

1. Hersheys

2. Chocolate bar

Chocolate and bar?Edit

Some person: whoa whoa whoa. Does that mean chocolate is achouhal? Because chocolate and bar? Me (The founder): No. I do not know why. But it is probably because bar cand mean rectangle. So...?

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Is your invention with chocolate next? Go ahead: put ideas here:

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