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We haven't talked about what chocolate does to the human body, but reaction to dogs.

When eatenEdit


Dogs should NEVER have chocolate. It is poison to the dogs body. It is like eating hardened bleach to dogs. It can make them sick, even death.

Why is it dangerous? Edit

A substance in chocolate called theobromine is toxic to humans in very large doses, but animals are even more sensitive. Wikipedia says that for a dog to get theobromine poisoning, it takes about 50 grams (1.8 ounces) for a small dog and about nine 44-gram Hershey bars for an average dog.

Summary Edit

So that is why you should keep the treat out of a dog's way.

My dog is hungry, and I have chocolate in my hand.Edit

If your dog is hungry, finish eating your chocolate and give the dog dog food. If the dog leaps up to reach for the chocolate. You must calmly walk away, if it starts to approach you and eventually chase you, run.

Starting to be eatenEdit

When a dog takes chocolate, even the slightest piece, it can do such harm to a dog's body. The chocolate melts in a dog's mouth quicker. And "Poison" begins forming in the dog's system.

Down the digestive systemEdit

Esophagus- DeodunuimEdit

It travels normally down the dog's system, but the dog itself becomes sicker and sicker.

Blood streamEdit

When the melted chocolate goes through the deodunuim, it goes tocthe blood stream and spread everywhere. Leaving some brown layers on it.

The endEdit

When it goes down to the last part of the body, they dog will not be able to get it out and dissolve in your body leaving poison to afftect until treatment.


It depends if the dog gets treatment in time. If do, your dog will be fine and be back to normal. If not, may remain to be sick and it will pass through or death.


Make sure you get information online if your dog eats chocolate.


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