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GaNR8 Edit

Username: GaNR8

Password: 3429 (Pass doesn't work anymore. As account is VIP.)

Account Edit

The account is for GammaRay, NR905 and Psychic8. It's their Team Account.

The account has been created by Psychic8, and Psychic8 officially is in charge of it.

VIP Edit

The account'll have a VIP in December, and if it happens after that, it is due to the Team Members not joining.

The only person that is allowed to buy VIP is Psychic8, although. If either; NR905 or GammaRay are trusted, they can buy VIP. This is due to privacy concerns.

Rules Edit

  • Nobody is allowed to login apart from the three users.
  • If any actions are seen of logging in. The actions will be deleted.
  • Nobody can buy VIP, as stated in the VIP section.
  • If you are NR905 or GammaRay, you cannot change the password without alerting Psychic8.

Extra Information Edit

After the VIP has been purchased, the password will be changed and Gamma, NR905 and Psychic8 will be the only people that know the password.