The bookEdit

The book is a popular book in the US made by User:Percy Jackson & The Olympians

It is based on a website named Zimmer Twins, and made it to what would it be like if it was a real life building. If users on ZIMMER TWINS were placed in the Zimmer Twins Building. Which we're we fight monsters. And we must go on a quest to stop the end of the world.


Starring NR905Edit

NR905 starts being 12 and gets lured to the Zimmer Twins by a 20 day curse. And has to go on the quest with his girlfriends Emma and Mackenzie. (Aka Emr247 and a user who is found.)

Co-starring EmmaEdit

(Aka Emr247) Is Percy's girlfriend. Is by Percy receiving VIP by a kiss (Gross, eh) And been in love every since. Helps Percy with the quest

End Co-starring MackenzieEdit

Also is Percy's Girlfriend. When a building falls on her and is unconscious at the time. The team decides to take the girl with them. She wakes up, confused, and speaks like a coo of a dove. She falls in love with Percy, which makes it hard for Percy juggling 2 girls.


Is found when we find him knowing Emma. And hops on for the ride.


Is Percy's friend.


Teller of the quest

Other ZT usersEdit



Based on when Percy, Uni, Emr247 are forced to go on a quest to prevent the end of the world. By the strong monster, The Minotaur's immortal brother.


Curses- Curses that happen for 20 days.

Seagulls- Takes Percy to the Zimmer Twins Building.

Kiss/VIP- Gives Percy the way to talk.